Frequently Asked Questions for Injured Workers

What benefits am I entitled to?

If your injury or illness is found to be job-related, you may be entitled to receive medical care for the injury or illness, disability payments for a portion of your lost wages, rehabilitation services and in the event of death, benefits payable to dependent survivors.

What happens if my claim is denied?

Call your adjuster to discuss your claim. Very often, speaking with the adjuster can clear up your concerns quickly and easily.

I am not getting my check. What should I do?

First, contact your employer or your employer's insurance carrier. If you still experience problems, contact the nearest workers' compensation district office.

When will I be paid?

Your initial payment should be paid on the 15th day following knowledge/proof of disability. There is a seven-day waiting period during which you will not be paid benefits. However, if you miss more than 14 days, you will be paid for the seven-day waiting period.

How much are wage payments?

Weekly wage benefits are tax-free and equate to 70-75% of your average weekly wage subject to a maximum rate set by the state.

How often will I receive a check?

Every week when receiving total disability payments. Supplemental income is usually paid once a month.

Can I be reimbursed for mileage?

The injured employee is entitled to reimbursement for travel expenses in order to obtain reasonable and necessary medical care if the treatment is not reasonably available within 30 miles of the injured employee’s residence.  The distance traveled to secure medical treatment must be greater than 30 miles one way and the injured employee must submit the request to the insurance carrier within one year of the date the injured employee incurred the expenses. Download a mileage reimbursement form.

Can I choose my own doctor?

The injured employee has the right to select an initial choice of doctor, with the exception of doctors previously removed or denied admission to the TDI-DWC Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) – Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) former Approved Doctors List or sanctioned from practice by the TDI-DWC.  Any request to change doctors must be approved by the local TDI-DWC handling your claim. For help locating a medical provider, use our Find A Provider tool and select Texas.

I keep receiving medical bills for my claim. What should I do with them?

All medical bills should be sent to the compensation insurance carrier.