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We set out over three decades ago to serve businesses, founding our company on a model for steady, controlled growth. LUBA is built on service to our agents, policyholders, and our community.

LUBA Workers’ Comp realizes that loyalty goes both ways and it’s our relationship-driven mentality that keeps 9 out of 10 policyholders returning to us each year. At the heart of the company is our promise to deliver “Genuine Dependability.” We have built our business on the foundation of hard work and genuine service with a staff you can depend on. Although we’ve become one of Louisiana’s largest workers’ comp providers and have expanded into Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas we’ve never wavered from the original principles on which this company was built.

Our success has come through aggressive claims management, active loss prevention, and disciplined underwriting — all of which leads to benefits for the agents and policyholders we serve. The desire to focus on relationships, service, and true caring provides the attributes needed to connect with our agents and policyholders, providing them with security and confidence at every step. We constantly seek new and better ways to support our team and community.



David Bondy
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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