Workers’ Compensation At a Glance

Workers' compensation is a system that pays lost-wage benefits and medical care to workers who become disabled because of an injury or illness related to their job.

If an injury or illness is found to be job related, the affected worker may be entitled to medical care for the injury or illness, disability payments for a portion of lost wages, rehabilitation services and, in the event of death, benefits payable to dependent survivors. Injured workers are not required to prove fault on part of their employers, but in return they give up their right to sue in tort.  This process eliminates intercompany legal battles and provides immediate benefits for injured workers.  

Workers’ compensation carriers and insurance agents provide coverage to millions of businesses every year. 

LUBA Coverage

Founded in 1991, LUBA Workers’ Comp is a casualty insurance company covering businesses in Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas through select, independent insurance agencies. LUBA focuses on building strong relationships with agents and policyholders through their practice of treating everyone with a fair and loyal approach to business.

LUBA Workers’ Comp covers medical care from an injury or illness, replacement income, costs for retraining, compensation for permanent injuries, or benefits to survivors of workers who are killed on the job. Some of LUBA Workers’ Comp classes of interest include artisan contractors, manufacturing, medical, college and school professionals, fitness facilities, retail, specialty trades, and utilities but we write a wide range of businesses.  LUBA offers competitive rates, interest-free and flexible payment plans,  responsive claims services, a certified accident prevention team offering custom safety solutions to policyholders, and efficient billing and auditing services.