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LUBA’s goal is helping injured workers get back on the job as soon as it’s appropriate. Workers should also know their rights and responsibilities when it comes to workers’ comp benefits.

Responsibilities of the Injured Employee:

  • Immediately report your accident or injury to your employer.
  • Fully comply with your employer’s drug and alcohol screening process following an accident or injury.
  • Keep in contact with your LUBA claims adjuster and your employer, keeping them informed of your condition and your progress.
  • Immediately report any change in your work status to your LUBA claims adjuster and your employer. You must report all other income you receive to your adjuster and employer while you are also receiving workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Keep all scheduled appointments. While you are unable to physically work at this time, you do have a “job” to do. Stay focused, stay positive, and take an active role in your treatment. It is your “job” during this time to attend all appointments and cooperate with physician orders. Failure to do so may jeopardize the continuation of your benefits.

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