Frequently Asked Questions for Injured Workers

What benefits am I entitled to?

If your injury or illness is found to be job-related, the Oklahoma workers' compensation system provides many different types of benefits for injured and ill workers. Those benefits include: Medical benefits that cover the cost of all related care and treatment. Disability benefits that cover a portion of your lost wages.

What happens if my claim is denied?

If your workers' comp claim has been denied, or you have a dispute with the insurance company about your benefits, you can file an appeal through the Oklahoma workers' compensation system.

What is a lump-sum settlement?

A lump-sum settlement is when the insurer/employer agrees to pay the present value of the disputed claim at once, and his/her future obligations to the injured worker are fully and finally released. 

I am not getting my check. What should I do?

First, contact your employer or your employer's insurance carrier. If you still experience problems, contact the Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Commission.

When will I be paid?

The first installment of wage benefits is due to the injured employee on the 15th day after the employer has notice of an injury unless the employer controverts the employee’s right to compensation.  There is a three-day waiting period in Oklahoma.  There is no payment for the first three (3) days of the initial period of temporary total disability.

How much are wage payments?

Compensation for total temporary disability is 70% of the injured worker’s average weekly wage, but this amount is capped at 100% of the state’s average weekly wage.

How often will I receive a check?

Temporary total disability wage benefits are paid in weekly installments.

Can I be reimbursed for mileage?

The injured employee is entitled to reimbursement of mileage expenses associated with the medical treatment of the claim.  To be reimbursed, you must submit a mileage reimbursement form documenting travel in excess of 20 miles round trip.  The employee will be reimbursed within 60 days of receipt of the form. A mileage reimbursement form can be found here. 

Can I choose my own doctor?

The employer must promptly provide the injured worker with reasonable and necessary medical treatment.  The employer has the right to choose the treating physician; but must provide treatment within five days of notice or knowledge that the injury has occurred.  If the employer fails to do so, the injured worker may seek treatment with his or her own physician at the employer’s expense.  The employee may also obtain emergency treatment at the expense of the employer, and select the physician for that treatment where the employer does not provide the emergency treatment.

I keep receiving medical bills for my claim. What should I do with them?

All medical bills should be sent to the compensation insurance carrier.