Agency Spotlight: Henry Insurance Service, Inc.

Brandy Mizell Pendergrass, Henry Insurance Service, Inc.

Brandy Pendergrass didn’t know it then, but helping her family run their photography business developed her love and passion for serving people. It also inspired her strong work ethic and on-the-job learning abilities.

“I remember being in the seventh grade and the school bus dropping me off at my grandfather’s photography studio. I would be responsible for all kinds of things, like setting up props and processing pictures. It was like a full-time job that I did all the way through college,” explained Pendergrass.

Her grandfather’s photography studio, Selser’s Photography, served the city of Central and the surrounding areas for many years. The studio offered photography services for homecomings, graduations, weddings, and more. 

While attending LSU, Pendergrass decided she was ready to take on her own new adventure. 

“I was at the beach on vacation when I got a phone call. That phone call turned into an interview, and that’s how I got started in the insurance business working for Allstate,” she says. “An opportunity basically fell into my lap and I couldn’t be happier that it did.”

For the next few years, Pendergrass worked at two different insurance companies in several different roles. In 2005, she joined Henry Insurance Service. She has been with the company ever since and currently serves more than 500 clients with business, commercial, and property insurance.

“One of the things that really attracted me to Henry Insurance was the clear path for growth and development. They made it clear to me that I could become a producer after serving as a customer service representative. I was eager and ready to take that next step, and they helped lay the groundwork for me,” she explained.

Henry Insurance Service was formed more than 30 years ago as a Baton Rouge-based independent insurance broker. The company serves all of Louisiana and is licensed in Oklahoma, Colorado, Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas, Alabama, Montana, and Florida. Additionally the company represents a number of carefully selected insurance company partners, including LUBA.

Brandy Pendergrass, Henry Insurance Service, Inc.

“A lot of my large workers’ compensation accounts go to LUBA. The exceptional service they consistently provide is incredible – you just can’t get that level of service anywhere else.”

“Whether I’m working with one of my big corporate clients or a local family’s health, life or homeowner’s insurance policy, I know that each client is counting on me to understand their unique needs and bring them a solution,” says Pendergrass.

Just like photographers who build relationships with their clients through capturing milestone moments, Brandy is committed to helping her clients with their personal success by making sure their most important assets are properly protected. 

Brandy says she is grateful for the lessons in customer service that she learned through growing up working in her family’s business. “I have a special appreciation for the kind of personal touch that companies like Henry Insurance and LUBA make a priority for their agents and policyholders. These companies help me to help others.”