LUBA Business Tips: Content Marketing

Understanding Content Marketing

Sharing the good news happening in, around, and involving your industry or organization is an essential part of marketing. It is no surprise that in the digital age we’re living in we all have access to instantaneous updates and content streams any time of day or night. The digital platform is extremely fast-moving and crowded, but it does offer businesses an opportunity to highlight their products, services, and successes.

To ensure you’re making the most significant impact with your audience, considering a two-step strategy is critical. Of course, you’ve got to create relevant, engaging content. The next step is forming a plan of action for distributing that content with respect to your business goals. What do you need to know about the kind of content you’re sharing with your audience? Why is curating your message and delivery strategy important? Find out how to make the biggest bang for your digital buck with the following tips.

Strategy and Planning:

Set goals and make a plan - any successful content marketing campaign takes a well-thought-out plan. Crafting a roadmap to meet and exceed your targeted goals should take into account:

Content alignment: 

Think about the customer journey from engagement to conversion and the creative ways you will motivate your viewers to move forward with your call to action. Answer any questions they might have and inform their next steps.

Survey what you have: 

Look at the content that already exists in your filing cabinet. Update what you need and toss what isn’t relevant anymore. That way, you won’t be wasting valuable time reinventing the wheel. Look at what your competitors are doing, and whether it’s working or not, and adjust accordingly to show how you’re different. 

Set goals: 

Imagine the desired outcome you wish to achieve with your marketing efforts. Do you want to drive more traffic to your website? Get more e-blast subscribers? Promote sales or incentives? Setting measurable and attainable goals will help guide your steps through the content marketing process. 

Check back frequently: 

You aren’t done when you send out your content to your audience. It is important to check often that your goals are being met and make adjustments when necessary. Update your content frequently to maintain the interest of your audience. Also, it is essential to take into consideration your ranking and ROI (return on investment) to make the most out of your efforts.

Learning helpful information about navigating the content marketing funnel is easier than ever, thanks to - well - Content Marketing. Sites like Content Marketing Institute and Copyblogger make it simple to access the expert advice and tools available on the web to assist in outlining a good plan and getting a jump start on meeting and exceeding your business goals.